Q&A With Dr. Pasinski

Most would never connect brain health with beauty and confidence, so what inspired Dr. Pasinski to make it her mission to help people have more “Beautiful Brain Days?” Read on below to learn more about her focus.

What is the connection between brain health and beauty?
Our face reflects the chemical activity that takes place in our brain. This activity produces micro-facial expressions that illuminate our face.  Neurologists pay attention to facial expression because it tells us what’s happening inside the brain.  When I was going through a stressful time in my life, I remember looking in the mirror after a sleepless night. I felt mentally foggy and I looked it. I realized that the best cosmetics in the world could not conceal my frazzled, beleaguered expression. I was having a “Bad Brain Day.” My brain was running on empty and my face reflected what was going on inside.  It struck me then that our brain is the source of our inner beauty.

How can we make our brain healthier so we feel more youthful?
First, you must understand that your brain is your essence. It determines everything about you, including how you look and feel. Women tend to focus on their superficial appearance such as their skin, makeup and hair, and they neglect the very thing that can make them look better—their brain.  By keeping your mind and body healthy, you can achieve that brain/beauty connection. It begins by tapping into your brain’s miraculous ability to redesign itself.  And the way we use and care for our brain can have a profound impact on its health, structure and performance, all of which I write about in my book.

Why did you decide to write Beautiful Brain, Beautiful You?
I wanted women to think about their brain as the true source of their beauty. Why are we always talking about our hair, skin and body-type?  I hope to change the conversation and inspire women to invest more time and energy in rejuvenating their brain.  You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on products or cosmetic surgery in order to look years younger.  There are simple steps that you can take—no matter what your age or stage of life—that will make you look and feel so much better than you do now.  I want every woman out there to give herself a “brain lift!”

What do you mean by a “Beautiful Brain Day?”
When we are having a Beautiful Brain Day, our brain is functioning at its best. Our mental clarity, creativity and decision-making are in top form.  We feel good about ourselves, we radiate confidence, our mood is high and we reflect that in the gorgeous glow that emanates from within.  To me, that’s the beauty of the brain.

If readers take away just one thing from your book, what should that be?
I want women to realize that it’s never too late to reap benefits of a beautiful brain, and that you can maintain a youthful mind throughout your lifetime.  No one has to feel weary, depressed, or unattractive, because learning, moving, laughing, loving, and having fun with friends are just some of the ingredients that will invigorate your brain.  This in turn will create a happier, healthier, and, yes, more radiant life.