Heleen Knapp

“I want that doctor!”  Those were the words that I spoke to my husband after meeting Dr. Pasinski for the first time in the spring of 2005.  She was an Attending Physician at MGH Neurology Clinic.

It has been a long journey to the doors of Dr. Pasinski’s practice.  Looking back, the pain of trigeminal neuralgia had changed the direction of my life.  In 2003, after 38 years, I felt forced to give up unprofessional treatment that I had been receiving.  I had been told by other doctors that “Your pain is part of the aging process” or “Pain is just a part of life” or “Maybe you’re just depressed.”  It had been a difficult time for me but I knew I had to move on.  After 6 years of countless doctors and as many diagnoses, I felt discouraged but not defeated.  I finally made the decision to travel from upstate New York to MGH in Boston.

What was I looking for at MGH that I hadn’t found at home?  I thought I was looking for a doctor to relieve my pain.  I found much more.  Dr. Pasinski has guided me patiently and gently through many medication changes neurosurgery and recovery.  I felt confident she would not give up on me.  She knew that feeling good involves more than taking medication and accordingly treats the whole patient.  Nutrition, physical activity, socialization, attitude and purpose have all been topics during my appointments.  I was finally headed in the right direction.  Through all of this, I have been treated with the compassion, dignity and respect that I felt I deserved but had not received in the past.

Few of us escape pain or illness during our lifetimes, but knowing I have a doctor who is there for me plays a big role in my well-being.  Under the vigilant care of Dr. Pasinski, I have come from a place of discouragement to one of gratitude and hope in anticipation of good things yet to come.

Heleen Knapp

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  • GG Delgadillo

    Loved this article! It is a motivator for me… Thanks Lupe D