About Dr. Pasinski

Marie Pasinski, M.D. graduated from Harvard Medical School and completed her residency at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. She is currently a staff neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital and a faculty member at Harvard Medical School. Since 1991, she has been the consulting neurologist for the Massachusetts General Hospital Health Care Centers, where she cares for patients with a range of neurologic disorders. Her special interests include dementia prevention and the effects of exercise, diet, and socialization on the brain.

Dr. Pasinski has appeared in numerous media outlets, including TV, radio and print, and she writes a regular column in the health section of The Huffington Post.  She is a frequent guest speaker at conferences and symposia, where she has been increasing public awareness about the importance of adopting a brain-healthy lifestyle.  Of course, Dr. Pasinski practices what she teaches: At age 40, she started taking piano lessons for the first time and more recently she began competing in triathlons. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and has raised two sons.

Q&A With Dr. Pasinski

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